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Thoughts after Pablo’s Injury

May 5, 2012

OH SH*T! Those were the two words that I and probably a lot of other Giants fans uttered after they heard that Pablo was out for 4-6 weeks. I think we all know that Pablo and Posey are the offensive core of this team and losing one of the two really really hurts. So what are the options to help the Giants offense tred water while he is out.

Brandon Belt

With Huff going on the disabled list, Belt was finally given a chance and in the last few games he seems to have finally taken advantage of it. Belt is currently hitting .292/.370/.396 over just 54 plate appearances, so take small sample size into account. Belt hasn’t been hitting for a large amount of power but I think that will come around.

I think one of the worst things the Giants could do right now is to bench Belt as soon Huff comes off the disabled list. Belt finally seems to be gaining some confidence and his approach at the place is looking pretty decent. As long as Belt keeps hitting there is no way Bochy can take him out of the lineup.

Gregor Blanco

I have a weird affinity for high speed high walk players and Blanco seems like one of those types. Blanco has 6 walks in 38 PA good for a 16.2 BB%. For reference Posey a hitter who is not walk averse has 7 walks in 84 PA, good for a 8.3 BB%. Now small sample sizes do apply but I think we can draw from Blanco’s career .360 OBP and his 74 walk season in 2008 that he isn’t afraid to take ball 4. Angel Pagan has not looked too hot  with only a .278 OBP in 109 PA and with Schierholtz  slumping I’m more than happy to give him the leadoff spot. Also it doesn’t hurt that Blanco has seen 4.05 Pitches per PA which is very good what I think is an overly agressive Giants team.

Conor Gillaspie

Conor has been called up from Triple A and while he’s earned a shot in the big leagues, I just wish it wasn’t in this kind of a situation. He bats lefty, will hit for average, and will walk a little and all I can hope for is that he starts out hot. I also think that Brett Pill or Ryan Theriot might be a good platoon option from the right side. It would be amazing if the Giants could just get by with league avg to slightly below league avg production from 3rd Base.

Aubrey Huff

If Huff can come back and hitting out of the gate, play him otherwise I think Belt or Blanco deserves the time. (Unless Huff can learn to play 2B that would be awesome)

Freddy Sanchez

This one is the wild card. Last I heard Freddy was scheduled to be activated May 11th but then had a setback and was shut down. Right now, May 11th activation date seems unrealistic but if Freddy can come back some point in this 4 week period it would be HUGE. He remains my biggest hope to help mitigate the Pablos loss but man it seems like a pretty unrealistic hope right now.

If the Giants offense can just not be TERRIBLE I think they will be fine. Over the next 4 weeks they play 9 games against the Diamondbacks and Dodgers and if the Giants offense decides to roll over(figuratively and literally), then the team can be put in a huge hole.

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