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What to do with $60 Million

December 9, 2011

The Giants will clear off about $60 million off their salary obligations next offseason, roughly half the payroll, meaning that the team will have some cash to play with going into 2013. Of course, at least a fourth of that will go towards trying to retain Matt Cain for another half decade, but $40-45M is still a nice thing to have when players such as Brandon Phillips, Josh Hamilton, Zack Greinke,  and Cole Hamels highlight a very stocked free agent market. Barring extensions, the Giants will look to address empty spots in the rotation (Cain, *Vogelsong), bullpen (Affeldt, *Wilson, Mota), infield (Sanchez), and outfield (Pagan, Cabrera). Considering the quantity of open holes and Sabean’s spending ways, $60 million could very quickly go to waste use, however the flexibility does give us some leeway to formulate creative ideas in the open market. Hell, if the ownership would be willing to expand payroll by a trivial $10M this year, we could even pursue Prince to a somewhat backloaded contract. Brown, Posey, Fielder, Sandoval, Belt…but I’ll save that thought for another post.

Anyway, when our 3rd-10th highest paid contracts all disappear in one offseason, it gives us some things to think about regarding how quickly the team could change in the near future. Will Brown, Panik, and Hembree be ready to step up by then? Would we re-sign Cabrera if he has a good year? Do we get new animal hats?

Million Dollar Question: Will AT&T install a zoo before the Giants build an average offense?

* Edit: Wilson actually has one more year of arbitration after his contract ends while Vogelsong would be eligible for FA but has a 3rd option. My apologies.


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