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More Rumors: Alex Gonzalez

December 1, 2011

Here’s your lead-off guy Carlos!!

#SFGiants Rumors: SS Alex González and his agent tell @FerAlvarezESPN that they have been in discussions with the Giants.

– @SFGiantsFans

Just a rumor still. For now.


Rosenthal confirms that Gonzalez is talking with Giants:Source: Free-agent SS Alex Gonzalez talking to #SFGiants. First reported by ESPN Deportes. #MLB

– @Ken_Rosenthal

My take: The last time Alex Gonzalez had an OBP over .300 was in 2007. He crawls because he does not know how to walk. His BB% has been under 5% the past 3 years, with him walking just 3.7% of the time last year. Disgusting. He has never posted a wRC+ of 100, meaning that he has never been even average offensively; however he has been very good defensively, saving 31 runs the past 2 years by DRS. Kinda reminiscent of a certain 24-year old shortstop on the roster, isn’t it? Except Sabean thinks Gonzalez is Benjamin Button. With there already being competition for his services, it’s only a matter of time before Sabean decides to git ‘er done. 

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